James Steinle’s “Urban Cowboy,” the first single from his upcoming full-length South Texas Homecoming (due out Aug. 17), is soaked in character development and rich detail....Steinle’s brand of country is shaped by honky tonks, dive bars and hole in the wall escapes, specifically, the folks who find themselves holding up the bar at the end of the night.” -Thomas Mooney (Wide Open Country)

Steinle carries a voice and perspective that are well beyond his years, the sophisticated viewpoint of a genuine cowboy in his mid-’20s from a diverse background. With tales of growing up in South Texas, and time spent overseas and in Saudi Arabia, Steinle’s lyrics reveal an extraordinary life experience.” -Laurie Gallardo (KUTX Austin)

South Texas Homecoming proves Steinle to be one of the most talented and promising young songwriters around today, and South Texas Homecoming is a must listen.” -Courtney S. Lennon (Turnstyled Junkpiled Music Magazine)

“I’ll be closing James Steinle’s show this Thursday…the kid got the goods.” -Ray Wylie Hubbard